About the Alliance

Our driving vision, as the Midlands Health Alliance, is to work together to ensure a step change in the quality and quantity of high quality clinical biomedical research in the Midlands related to patients, public and industry.  By working together we will develop; a common strategy for maximising the impact of our research streams; standardised tools and approaches to clinical patient recruitment and study setup, a clear infrastructure for signposting our capabilities to industry.   We intend to increase our reach and our voice in national and international funding opportunities and secure regional investment to the Midlands, to this end we will work alongside the Midlands Engine and Midlands Health Innovation to increase funding to the Midlands.

By working together we will develop a shared strategy for maximising the impact of NIHR funding for clinical experimental research through agreeing priority areas (grand challenges) that we can address collectively whilst working to avoid duplication.  Successful translational pipelines that have been developed within individual BRCs will also be shared, accelerating the translation of experimental findings into phase 3 clinical trials and from there to improved patient care.  We will initially focus on sarcopenia and multi morbidity as our flagship activities.

Importantly, we will operate a single business process to make it easier and quicker for industry to work with the leading expert investigators within the NHS to harness the exciting and wide ranging opportunities in this area.



About the Midlands

Often referred to as ‘The Heart of England’, the Midlands is home to over 10 million people, covering an area of over 28,000 km². It has a diverse population in which cultures are well integrated.

The Midlands hosts some of the UK’s leading universities including the Universities of Loughborough, Warwick, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester and has over 800,000 small and large businesses with significant growth potential and a skilled workforce.

Two regions that together represent the Midlands are the West Midlands and East Midlands. Within this area, there are over 50 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) and 20 Acute trusts, including four large ones, in the largest cities of the Midlands which are Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Coventry, all of which form part of the MHA. The CCGs within these cities and surrounding areas reported over 1.2 million admissions to their hospitals in the year 2017-18.

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